Windows without Frames

I really like the look of my linux desktop. Here i have only 1px thick borders around all my windows. I control these windows only by shortcuts.

While working with windows, I'm always bothered by the thick frame that comes with every program you use. This is even more annoying, if the program that is running in the frame, does not make any use of it's frame.

For example, right now there is an emacs running on my windows computer. I have a pretty clean layout inside emacs. There are no buttons to click, and no labels to show. The only thing i can't control from inside emacs are the maximize, minimize, and close buttons, the windows shell adds automatically to the frame.


So i searched for a way to get rid of these buttons. This video shows a way to get rid of the borders, that come around games. The tool that is presented within the video, WinExp (download here), does the job.

WinExp is a simple tool, that lets the user edit the "General Windows Style" of a window. Once started, one gets a list of running programs. Select a program from the upper list (emacs@v2307 in my case). After that, switch to the "Style"-Tab in the lower part. There you find, inside the "General Windows Style", the property "WS\_DLGFRAME". Just uncheck that option, and you can watch immediately the result.

Now i have a clean emacs window inside Windows:


That was all i wanted, and I'm happy now :)