Jun 30, 2017 - Change your GTK/GTK3 Theme



Most of the programs with a graphical interface out there come with a light theme by default. Unfortunately I'm the kind of user that likes their screen more dimmed. On mobile devices one is often lucky and there is a dark theme waiting to be used. And also on my machine running Arch Linux I managed for most tools to come with a dimmed ui.

I do use pulseaudio as audio deamon...

Mar 2, 2017 - Publishing dotfiles


Organizing dotfiles

So actually I decided to start publishing my dotfiles. This is not due to the fact, that I think my configuration is in any way superior. It is much more that I'm able to have some kind of backup of my own configuration. Another nice side effect is, that I'm able to go back to a working version of a configuration. And also I'm much faster able to get a new system...

Nov 6, 2016 - Bluetooth Headset and Pulseadio


Bluetooth headset and pulseaudio

Ok, so this Sunday I had a problem. I was going to make some cake and while I was baking, I wanted to listen to some music via my wireless headset. But turns out, I never did the set up with my new laptop. So before I need to surf the web for this topic again, I write the steps down this time. :)

Setup the basics